Issue 12


I enjoyed this podcast in which client engagement expert Julie Littlechild explained what a client journey is, why it’s important, and how you can go about crafting one in your practice.


Morgan Housel has written another post which has inspired me. Anyone who has ever wanted to write anything should read this.


Another podcast. This time it’s Jeff Rose, famous personal finance blogger who also runs a 3 person advisory business from a small town, being interviewed by Michael Kitces. They cover a range of topics but of most interest to me was hearing how Jeff used digital marketing to grow his business.


If you think that the standard 1% AUM advice fee will continue for a few more decades you’re not reading enough.


Have you ever thought of writing a book to position yourself as an expert? The fact that you know the names of people who have done this means that it works. The process can easily be broken down into manageable steps.


If you have any interest in Charlie Munger you’ll enjoy this long read explaining his idea of inversion.