Issue 15


Ben Carlson with two great articles this week. The first is a list of 36 obvious investment truths. It’s so easy for these to get lost in the noise of the information torrent we find ourselves in. The second is an argument for why an increase in the number of ETFs is a) nothing to worry about, and b) not a bubble.


A reminder that there is no perfect retirement withdrawal strategy, and for those who want to get technical, a 16 part Ultimate Guide to Safe Withdrawal Rates.


The best writer of my generation, Morgan Housel, describes his long battle with stuttering. Two weeks ago he spoke in front of 2 000 people in South Africa. An inspiring story about overcoming your demons.


Jullie Littlechild, an expert on client engagement, explains why trying to please everyone is futile. Do you have an ideal client?


A mainstream article on the need for planners to embrace life planning with their clients. The article includes a good list of resources for those wanting to explore this field for the first time.


David Haintz, a long-time advocate of life planning and cash flow modeling, introduces his new book “The Life-First Advisor”. A good option if you’re thinking about what your role will look like in 10 years. Get it on Kindle here.


Tony Isola with a great reminder that the events our clients experience along the journey of retirement are more important than the money.


An interesting follow up from the Collaborative Fund team looking at the reasons for, and consequence of, companies staying private for longer.