Issue 8


Japan has an ageing population and a sluggish economy. In addition, most individual investors are more comfortable putting their savings into a bank account than an investment product. To correct this, Japan’s financial regulator has decided to fight against the money managers, who they believe are not acting in the best interest of investors, by inviting bloggers to spread their message and speak out against fund managers.


By now most advisers understand what niche marketing is, even if they’re not doing it. Do you know what nest marketing is? A good explanation and comparison of the two strategies.


As advisers, we have clients who are well-funded in retirement and clients who will soon need to rely on the help of children or family. Would these clients have made better decisions in their earlier years if they had spent more time imagining their future and what it might look like?


We all know money is an emotional topic. However, I doubt many financial planners are purposeful about thinking what each client’s relationship with money is, and where and when that came about. This article exploring the truth about money is a good starting point.


Continuing the series of articles by planners articulating their value, here is Justin Castelli with his version.


There is a continuing trend in the States of tied advisers moving their clients into an independent advice business. This can only be a good thing.