Issue 24


Blockchain – The New Technology of Trust

An excellent graphical explanation.


Embrace the Uncertainty

“From what I’ve been able to gather, successful inventors learn to love the process of failing in order to succeed. Similarly, successful entrepreneurs learn to be invigorated by the high stakes nature of starting something new. Successful investors aren’t much different. They learn to embrace the short term volatility of stocks, in order to reap the long term returns.”


Naked Brands: The Future of Finance

“As technology and policy changes have increased information flow and removed geographic constraints, firms have adopted new ways of attracting clients and demonstrating their value to them. Attention has become the defining point of differentiation. To that end, leading firms have openly disclosed their investment strategies. Today, this is controversial but in the future, it will be commonplace. Using trust as a competitive advantage, modern firms are guided by transparency, ownership of attention, and consistent communication with current and prospective clients. We call them Naked Brands.”


Podcast: Creating Tangible Advisor Marketing Messages For Intangible Financial Planning Services with Gail Graham

“In this episode, we talk in depth about how to more effectively communicate financial planning and its value, as well as why financial advisors need to get clear about who their ideal client is. We also discuss why it’s absolutely essential to focus in order to find the right marketing messages that really resonate and Gail’s process for finding and refining your own value proposition.”


The Powerful Relationship Between Dating and Closing Prospects

“Across all three studies, the authors found people who asked more questions (especially follow-up questions) are “better liked by their conversation partners.” But the effect of asking questions is even more profound. Those who asked questions in the right way – as a follow up to what someone just said – are also perceived as more understanding, more caring and better listeners.”


How To Read Financial News

“As a writer, you add the most value acknowledging that you don’t know your reader. As a reader, you gain the most by remembering that the writer has no idea who you are.”