Issue 21


The Only Metric That Matters

A great explanation by Josh Brown on what they consider to be the most important metric in their growing business.

“Re-orienting everything we’re doing around what the clients’ actual needs and priorities are, was the game-changer for us. Everything exploded as soon as we did it. Sounds obvious in hindsight, and yet there are thousands of advisory practices and firms that haven’t figured this out.”


Time To Get Rid Of The ‘My Client’ Mentality

Chris Bud argues that this legacy viewpoint is the greatest challenge we face in becoming a profession.

“Of course, the ‘roving client bank’ suits many advisers, and if it’s not necessarily the best way for clients to take advice, well, let the market decide. When there are enough meaningful practices out there, when there is real competition, clients will choose.”


The Freakishly Strong Base

Morgan Housel looks at the power of compounding, and argues that the size of the base is more important than we think.

“And since it’s crazy and counterintuitive we overlook the right lessons. So we write 2,000 books on how Buffett sizes up management teams when the biggest and most practical takeaway from his success is, “Start investing when you’re in third grade.”


Marketing Funnels for Financial Advisors

Crystal Butler defines marketing funnels, and describes how potential customers move from looking to buying.

“If you position yourself correctly and have a clear plan of action for your marketing efforts, you can capture the maximum number of visitors and convert those qualified to clients.”



I recently shared an article by Jason Zweig in which he put forward 19 questions which potential clients should be asking advisors. Here James Osborne answers them. This is yet another example of an advisor stating their value proposition.

“Unfortunately for me there are no all-expenses-paid cruises waiting if I can just convince a few more people to lock up their money in some horrible annuity. Fortunately for me I sleep pretty well at night as a result.”


Podcast: Kathleen Burns Kingsbury on Breaking Money Silence

An interesting discussion about the taboo around talking about money, and how to break it when dealing with clients.