Issue 23


It’s Not About the Money

Are you telling your clients this?


I got a story to tell

This story may be 6 years old but there are still many of these advisors around. Are you one of them?


A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

Over-confidence is at the root of many investment mistakes. We see it easily in our clients, but can we see it in ourselves?


One of the Biggest Sources of Market Inefficiency

This is a topic that should be discussed more often. How many of the decisions you make are influenced by you wanting to keep your job or client?


Animal Spirits podcast

Two of my favourite writers, Michael and Ben, have started their own podcast. Listen to the first episode to see if it’s for you.


You’re Not a Life Coach (So Don’t Try To Be One)

Who disagrees with this?

“There’s a limited role advisors can play in acting as a life coach for their clients. Helping them to understand what they can spend in retirement is an obvious example where they can add value. Being empathetic in times of crisis and assisting them with referrals to competent professionals is another.

Where I get concerned is when advisors cross the line into motivational speakers and approach pop psychology.”


6 good reasons you should be planning ahead

Looking back on this year, did you get done what you hoped you would? A good argument for spending the time to plan.