Issue 3


For those who prefer listening to reading, Josh Patrick discusses the difference between planning and a plan, learning to say “no”, having different advisers niche within a firm, and succession planning.


Does your company celebrate failure?

Two of the most successful businesses in the world, Amazon and Netflix, owe a lot of their success to their ability to fail well.

“Our hit ratio is way too high right now. I’m always pushing the content team. We have to take more risk. You have to try more crazy things, because we should have a higher cancel rate overall.”


With continued rise of Vanguard in the asset management space, the company has come under a variety of attacks, some stranger than others. Barry Ritholtz addresses a few of these. Regardless of your stance on passive investing, it seems undeniable that the company is a force for good.


With the investment spotlight being firmly on the active vs passive debate, there are a few other trends which have escaped many investors. Explained in detail in this great paper is the curious case of the decreasing number of publicly traded companies. An increase in the number of people holding public stocks, a decrease in the average holding period, and the decrease in the cost of trading have all led to the increasing focus on quarterly results.

Couple this with the fact that an increasing percentage of CEO compensation is option-based, it has become clear to many businesses that to remain focused on long term success it is easier to stay private than become publicly listed. The possible implications on the future planning of clients cannot be ignored.


The client onboarding process provides an opportunity to make a strong first impression, and may lead to referrals down the line. Here are 7 strategies to solidify new relationships which might be suitable to your client base.


Is your website an effective tool in attracting your target market? Is it a glorified business card, or have you provided examples of the value you provide? Here are 5 key features of top-performing adviser websites. Does your website have all five?


Many clients are putting their retirement hopes on investing in the perfect portfolio. As Michael Batnick shows in this analysis, the portfolio makeup is less important than choosing an appropriate strategy and sticking to it. Are you still pretending that fund selection is your value proposition?


A key part of our work is getting to know our clients better, and what better way than asking good questions. Here are a few ideas.


Bitcoin. Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies. Distributed ledgers. Proof of work.

Bitcoin could be the next bubble to pop, but the technology it’s built on has a very good chance of changing the world around us. I spent the week learning the basics of this field. If you’d like to know more I suggest you start with the following:

Tim Ferriss Podcast: The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency


The Product Manager’s guide to the Blockchain

Bitcoin – The Internet of Money